Tips for Road Trips with Your Puppy

Our family took a drive from Kentucky to Florida this week…and we took along our 6 month old puppy. Zelda was a champ. She did a great job, and she really loved hanging out with our kids while we were in the car for over 15 hours in two days.

I thought of a few ‘rules” for traveling with a puppy, so I thought I’d share them here.

Tips for Traveling with a Puppy

Tip 1: Be patient
Traveling with a pup is much like traveling with a child–everything takes (at least) twice as long. So…be sure to be patient and understand that things are going to take longer. This is difficult for me, but I think I did an okay job.

Tip 2: Be prepared
The more prepared you are for traveling with your dog, the better your trip will be. I made a list of things that I was either happy we had packed or wished we would have packed on this last trip. These will all be in our bag on the way home after vacation is over.

  • Small treats
  • Cleaning wipes (we had a puking issue)
  • A long leash/tie out
  • Portable water dish
  • A long lasting chew bone

Tip 3: Be proactive
Puppies are just getting housebroken. They aren’t necessarily “car broken.” Don’t wait until the dog tells you she ha to go…stop often enough that she can go on your schedule. The more proactive you are about this, the less likely you’ll have an accident inside the car.

Teamwork also works. We take turns going inside with kids so one of us can walk the dog the whole time. It definitely takes longer, but refer to rule 1.

I hope these rules help you with your road trip with a puppy.

What tips do you have?