Best Apps for Pictures

Since I got an iPhone, I've taken fewer photos with my DSLR. I still take it out when I need to, but as they say, the best camera is the one you have with you. I rarely go anywhere without my phone, so when I need to take a picture, I usually just take out my phone and snap a few shots.

I've also learned that you can do a lot of editing of your photos on your phone, too. Today I'm going to talk about my favorite apps for playing with your pictures and posting them to social media.


My go to photo editing app is snapseed. You can do all of the normal editing stuff like cropping and straightening, but you can also adjust contrast, color saturation, and other important things. Many people use snapseed for their filters, and I play around with them a little, too (my favorite is drama). However, I tend to use snapseed as a photo editor for touching up the pictures I've taken with my iPhone. Sometimes I import pics to my iPad to edit in Snapseed as well. Check it out on the iTunes App Store.


This app gets a workout when I feel like I have something I want to say on my picture. You can add text and move it around on your photo to make some pretty fun pictures for social media. It's user interface is fun and fairly easy to use. Just about anyone can figure out how to use over in a matter of seconds. Check it out on the app store.


This little app puts labels on your photos. It's a little like Over, but instead of putting simple text on your pictures, it puts a little label with text in it. You can choose from different kinds of labels, and the ones that come with the free version are very nice. Get it on the App Store.


This is the strangest of the apps on this list. It takes your pictures and turns them into mosaic like creations of spheres and color. You really have to play with it to understand, but there are some pretty cool effects you can do with Percolator. It's fun to put a “percolated” image on Instagram now and then. Check it out on the App Store.


If you like to take panoramas, this app is for you. You can stitch photos together to make a 360 virtual reality-like image of where you are standing right now. I like to use it to re-create the feeling of specific places or situations. You can share the pictures taken with Photosynth on the website. Check out mine over there.


Pro HDR takes 3 pictures with different exposures and then puts them all together into one photo. It is perfect for landscapes and buildings with the sky and clouds behind them. You just have to make sure you hold the camera still while it's taking the pictures because it then overlays them on top of each other. It's a great app and allows you to take incredible pictures with just your phone's camera. Get it on the app store.

This picture was made with Pro HDR:

What are your favorite photo apps for your phone?

(Photo by Andreas Overland)