A Month with our New Puppy

We’re a little over a month in to our life with our new puppy Zelda. She’s a handful. Her dad is a Boxador and her mom’s a Feist, which we hope make for a great mix of dog…eventually. Right now she’s still trying to figure out where the bathroom is.

Of course, having a puppy is crazy. Sometimes I find myself asking why in the world I did this and sometimes I find myself enjoying the sweet snuggles of a puppy.

Anyway, since this month is up, I thought I’d reflect on some of the things I’ve noticed from having a puppy. Hope you enjoy.

  1. Training is HARD WORK! – The kids wish that the dog would just obey and behave from day one. I’ll admit, I do, too. But I know that it takes time and hard work to help her learn all the things she needs to know…sounds a lot like parenting to me.
  2. Kids act like kids, not adults – I want my kids to act like adults and be responsible with her, but sometimes I forget that they’re not used to having a little puppy to take care of, and I have to help them think through the things they need to do in order to care for her. I have to remember that this is a learning experience for them as well.
  3. Sometimes you get hurt (Puppy teeth are sharp!) – My hands and arms are scratched up because this dog likes to nip at me! While we’re training her not to do those things, sometimes she hurts me while I’m teaching her. Sounds like parenting again, huh?
  4. I’ll do practically anything to see my kids smile – I’m willing to put up with all this hard work and pain just to see how much my kids love this dog. She’s only been with us for a month, but I’ve seen them laugh harder than they’ve laughed in a long time, and I’m sure they’ll laugh more and more over the time we have the dog.

I’m sure I’ll learn so many more things over this journey of raising the puppy and training her to be the best dog ever. I can’t wait to see how much she (and my kids) grow this year.