I Really Do Work on My iPad!

We were sitting in our living room last night, and my 4 year old daughter was talking on the phone with her grandmother. Apparently, grandma asked her what we were doing when she said, “Mommy is working on her computer and Daddy is just on his iPad doing nothing.”

What? I’m just on my iPad doing nothing? I really do get work done on my iPad. I promise! It’s not all about playing Angry Birds or Word with Friends! I get it, little lady, that you spend your time on the iPad painting imaginary fingernails and other fun games, but some of us really use these tablet things for work!

(Photo by Sean MacEntee)

Here’s how I use my iPad for real work!

I read on my iPad using the Kindle app. In fact, I have over 400 books on Kindle. My iPad contains most of the books I have read for my Master’s degree, and many other books that I read for work. I could be reading a really deep book while “playing” on my iPad.

I use my iPad for writing.
Many of the blog posts here and on my other blogs have been written on an iPad. If they weren’t finished on an iPad, they were probably at least brainstormed and outlined on my iPad. Most of the time when I write on my iPad, I use a Bluetooth keyboard, but sometimes I can pound away without it.

I use my iPad for photo editing. Some of my favorite photo and video editing programs are on my iPad. I love manipulating photos on the touch screen interface of the iPad. I can also add text using a variety of apps, and editing video is getting easier and easier on the iPad as well.

I use my iPad for Social Media posts for work. Believe it or not, social media is part of my job. I have various “pages” on Facebook and a few Twitter accounts that I manage for various organizations. So, when I’m on Twitter or Facebook, I could technically be working.

What about you? What kind of work do you get done on your tablet or cell phone?