Game Over

I can’t remember the last game I “beat.” Maybe it was a Mario Brothers game. Probably Super Mario Brothers for the Wii U.

Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe I don’t have the patience to stick with it like I used to. Maybe I don’t have the time.

Or perhaps the games are getting harder. They feel harder. Remember when there was only one button to push? The other day I was playing an Xbox game with my son and had so many things to control it blew my mind. He beat me in no time.

I want my joystick back! 🕹

Actually, most of my games are now played on my phone. The kids are the hard core gamers now, and they hog the Xbox or Switch. So I’m left gaming on my iOS device, which is fine with me. There aren’t many buttons on an iPhone.

Of course, my kids are the ones who suggest the games to me and get me addicted on my phone. Then I come home and, instead of washing the dishes, I play games that seem to have no end.

But something happened yesterday…

I beat a game! On my phone. That’s right, I got 100% on Here’s a screenshot as proof.

Have you played It’s basically a worm or snake style game where you try to cover as much ground as possible with your color or pattern. As long as you are in your color, you can’t be killed by other players who are also trying to grab land.

It’s fun, mindless, and entertaining.

And I beat it!


What’s the last game you beat?

What are your current mobile gaming addictions?

Wait…don’t tell me. Let me revel in my victory for a few minutes.

(Photo by Jeremy Brooks)