Now Evernote Lets You Save Handwritten Notes

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I absolutely LOVE Evernote. It is my go to app for just about everything. I love it for many reasons, and now it’s even better.

I’ve always wondered why I couldn’t simply handwrite a quick note and save it for later on the mobile app. At times I don’t need to write a lot, so typing on my mobile keyboard is a chore. Sometimes it’s just easier to jot something down by hand.

Before, if I wanted to get handwritten information into Evernote, I’d have to open a different app and then export it into Evernote. Or I’d have to take a picture of what I had written on paper and import that into Evernote.

NOW…all I have to do is create a new note in Evernote, tap the little pen icon,

select the right tool (pen, eraser, highlighter, etc) and start writing.

It will save my handwritten note right into my Evernote account. That new note then becomes searchable, and I can keep track of everything right there in the App.


(via: Lifehacker)