Do Something Together

I don’t know if you’re family is like mine, but we have so many distractions that it isn’t funny. If we are not very intentional, we will spend our entire lives on electronics.

I’m as big of a tech fan as anyone, but I want to use it to bring me closer to my family. I don’t want it to put us all in our own little worlds so we never have to talk to each other. My son will sit and watch Minecraft videos on Youtube while I check out Facebook or email or any number of other things, and my other son will play the Wii U all day if you let him.

I believe that to build stronger families we need to be intentional about spending time together.

There is no doubt that technology is attractive to us. We love to find new apps and play videogames, but I have begun to try to find some activities that intentionally let us do things together. Some of those involve tech, and some of them don’t.

Here is our current list of activities to do together.

  • Fly a quadcopter – I bought a cheap quadcopter (the Syma X1 – affiliate link) to learn how to fly it. My 10 year old has learned quite well. We’re hoping to build our own sometime in the future, which would be a great father/son experience. Unfortunately, we crashed our first one and are waiting for spare parts. We got the parts cheap, too, though. Now we get to fix it together.
  • Ride bikes – we picked up used bikes at a yard sale, and my kids are currently at the right age to ride them. We’re thinking of getting mom and dad bikes, too, to ride around the neighborhood. We’ll see if that happens or not, though. Either way, we go out with them and watch them ride.
  • Playing video games – I know…it sounds like it doesn’t belong on this list, but when we are all playing together, it gives us some great interaction as well as teaches about winning and losing. Our favorites right now are MarioKart 8 and Super Smash Bros.
  • Board games – There is something nice about turning off all electronics and playing a board game together. The kids currently love Trouble (we got the Frozen edition – affiliate link), and they have recently been introduced to classics like checkers and chess. These are great for thinking and strategy.

I hope to add “go fishing” and “go camping” to our list soon, but we haven’t done those things yet.

What are your favorite family activities that get you to intentionally spend time together?

Leave a comment below to give me more ideas!!!!