How I Slept while in China

I just came back from a 10 day trip to China. It was a blast! I've shown some pictures over on my other blog, but I wanted to post here about a post I wrote for my wife's blog,

She gave me some SleepPhones to use while on my trip, and they helped me sleep so well despite the noise outside. Too bad I can't use them at home because I would totally ignore my kids.

Anyway…check out the post on her blog. I'm recommending them to all my friends who travel internationally and need to sleep well on their trips.


My Son the Jedi

We were in Orlando last week for somewhat of a vacation, and we found out about the Jedi Training Experience at Hollywood Studios at Disney. Our 4 year old was so excited to do this. He was going to get to wear a Jedi robe, use a light saber (like the 3 we have at home), and fight against Darth Vader.

So we signed him up and let him participate in the 20 minute show. Janell wrote about it on the i.seekissimmee blog here, and here’s the video:

As we were waiting for the training to start, they were doing a backstage trivia game on Star Wars. My four year old doesn’t know that much about Star Wars, but he was absolutely the cutest one in the room. He was sitting up next to the girl who was asking the questions paying extra special attention. All the other kids were sitting on the floor in front of her, and there were some pretty big Star Wars geeks in there.

As soon as the girl asked about Hans Solo’s friend, Benjamin jumped up with that “Oohh…I know this one” look in his eyes and shouted out, “Chewbaca!!” He was so excited to get one right, and I think he was even more excited to get to participate in this thing. He made me proud and definitely stole the show.

Vacation 2013

We just got home from vacation. It was an amazing time as a family. We went to Orlando, and Janell is going to be blogging about it all next week on I’m planning on writing some stories and tips for family trips to Orlando here, too.

We went to Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Sea World, Legoland, and Kissimmee Go Karts. Our kids had a blast, and it was fun to spend time with them outside of the normal crazy things we do as a family.

Be sure to check out my posts and the ones on coming up next week.


4 Tips For Taking Road Trips with Kids

Last Wednesday we took a road trip as a family. It was a little shorter than what we had anticipated because our oldest son got sick and was in the hospital (I’ll fill you in on that later), but we still took a trek to Tallahassee for a few days.

Since it’s about 5 hours from where we are right now, I had to remember a few tricks for taking a road trip with kids. These are a little different than my 10 tips for traveling with kids because they are more focused on a car trip instead of an airplane ride.