5 Things I’m Sure to Put in My Carry On

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately for work, and I thought I’d give you a look at what I take with me when I travel.

  1. iPad Mini with Retina Display: I can’t work without my iPad mini. I have my documents stored in Evernote, and I use my iPad to teach from and keep in touch with the world. I have to make sure I carry my adapters to be able to hook it up to a projector if necessary. I also bring a portable bluetooth keyboard in case I need to pound out a lot of text.
  2. External Power Pack – for some reason, my iPhone has been going dead quicker lately. Probably due to some flaw in ios 8. Anywyay, I have started using a powerpack and carrying an extra battery pack around as well.
  3. Camera – depending on the trip and how long I’ll be gone, I bring different cameras for different things. I will either bring JUST my iPhone as my camera, my Canon T2i T5i, or a Kodak Zi8. I also have been bringing my GoPro HERO3+: Silver EditionGoPro with me.
  4. Cables – all of the cables I need to charge up all of my devices! I wish I had a better solution to how to organize the cables. For now, they just get thrown into one of the zipper pockets of my bag.
  5. Headphones – I usually make sure that I have one album that I love on my phone when I travel. If it’s a long trip, I’ll buy a special album and just listen to it over and over. I throw on my Beats on the plane, and I can sleep with no problem at all.

There are other things I put in my carry on luggage, but these are the essentials.

What do you carry on with you on a trip?

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One thought on “5 Things I’m Sure to Put in My Carry On

  1. Love Evernote! I don’t travel as much anymore? But I would say Laptop, iPad, cell phone and definitely the charging cables! I remember once going to GUAM and forgetting my laptop plug at home. Didn’t notice until I was AT the airport checking in. Thank God my ride was fast and I had plenty of time!

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