Backup Batteries Can Save Your Trip

We’re so connected nowadays that we have to travel with about 10-15 charging cables when we go anywhere. On my recent trip to Greece, I realized just how dependent I am on battery powered devices. Between my iPhone, iPad, and my son’s iPod, each night we would have to decide which devices needed charging, and each day we would hope the batteries would last for us while we using our devices.

(Photo by: Janet Ramsden)

I’ve decided that I won’t ever travel without battery packs to charge my stuff. Since iPhones have infamously poor battery life, my iPhone stays in a battery backup case. I use one from a company called icanonic, but I’ve heard good things about Mophie and other brands as well. Since I use my iPhone so much, almost everyday I use the power pack to charge my phone. The backup battery packs have saved my stuff from going dead more than once.

While traveling, I make sure I bring a battery powered charger to keep my electronic devices charged when needed. There’s nothing like not having a dead GoPro (also infamous for poor battery life) when you’re about to get that epic shot. I recently purchased a cheaper power charger, and it worked great on my latest trip. I’ve heard that Monoprice sells a good one. Click here to see that one…it’s on my list.

I’ve been thinking of getting a solar powered battery backup, but I haven’t done it yet. That would be great for those times when I’m away from a plug for more than just a few hours, like for hiking or camping trips. The sun is almost always accessible.

What do you use to keep your batteries charged while on the go? Have you ever used a backup battery charger? What’s your favorite one? Comment below.