Does Minecraft Help Kids Learn to Read?

My kids love Minecraft and just about any other videogame. I just read an article titled, “How Videogames Like Minecraft Actually Help Kids Learn to Read.

In it, the author says,

“The secret lies not inside the game itself but in the players’ activities outside of it. Minecraft is surrounded by a culture of literacy. The game comes with minimal instructions or tutorials, so new players immediately set about hunting for info on how it works. That means watching YouTube videos of experts at play, of course, but it also means poring over how-to texts at Minecraft wikis and “walk-through” sites, written by gamers for gamers.”

Special Effects Using Efexio

I was watching Matthew Pearce’s Youtube Channel, and he had a great video on there about a short film he created completely on the iPhone 6. In the description he mentioned Efexio, an application that he used to create the computer generated dragon.

I downloaded the app and immediately loved how much fun it was to use. Here’s something I made with it:


Woah! #efexio

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New GoPro Cameras are Here!

I finally convinced my wife to let me get a GoPro camera last summer. It took a lot of begging and convincing, but she let me fork over some cash to get one, and I absolutely love it. It has added a fun dimension to our family videos and pictures since I got it. I got the Hero 3+ Silver edition, and I love it.

Today GoPro is announcing new cameras. They have the Hero 4 Silver and Black Editions, and they are also putting out a budget-friendly action camera simply called the Hero.

Play With Your Photos and Videos With Living Planet

I love making fun, interesting photos on my iPhone or iPad, and a while ago I was intrigued by these “tiny planet” photos I was seeing on Instagram. They turn regular photos into little planet-like photos, which look really cool and are sure to get people talking about your photography. The first app I downloaded to do this was the Tiny Planet Photos App.

Here’s a “tiny planet” of Wenzhou, China, that I took last November.

This is what the original photo looked like.

Pretty cool, right?