Wishful Thinking

After two very busy weeks at work, I knew we didn't have to wake up early this morning for church. I also knew that I really wanted to go to our church and not just one that was close by our house. Our church is about a thirty minute drive from our house.

Our family works best when we're in a routine. The last two weeks I've had to pick people up from the airport on Sunday, and before that we didn't have our van, so this Sunday I was determined to make sure I took them to church. The service doesn't start until 11:00, so I went to bed on Saturday night wishing that I'd have the chance to sleep in a little.

As I was setting my alarm for 9 AM, I laughingly mentioned to my wife that I didn't know why I was bothering to set the alarm. I was absolutely right when, this morning at 7:15, my daughter was wide awake and making loud noises begging me to come downstairs. It was hard to get out of the warm bed, and all three kids were awake by 7:30.

I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for sleeping in, but I know it's just wishful thinking…at least for tomorrow. I'm sure the day is coming when I have to wake them up, especially when they're teenagers.

What time do your kids wake you up? Or if you don't have kids at home now, what time did your kids used to wake you up when they were little?


The Best Christmas Present a Dad Could Ask For

Tonight we were giving the kids their traditional Christmas Eve gift that always consists of pajamas, and we decided to give them an extra gift that would have gone in their stockings tomorrow morning. What we got as a result was the gift every parent hopes to get at Christmas.

Nathan had been wanting a Build-a-Bear Mike from Monster's University, but they were sold out everywhere. Even online we couldn't find one. Janell happened to find one on some website for a really great discount, so she got it for him. That was his extra gift for Christmas Eve.

When he pulled it out of my coat, he jumped up and down and started to cry. He was so overjoyed that he couldn't help himself. It was one of the best presents he could have received because it showed that we really looked hard for something that he really wanted.

Who knew that a fairly inexpensive present (after the discount) could make my little boy so happy, and seeing him so happy is one of the best presents I could ever get on Christmas.

We’re Like Scooby Doo

Tonight as we drove home in thick fog, my eight year old says, “Daddy, you know what…me and Ben really are like Scooby Doo and Shaggy because we eat a lot and are scared of everything.”

Made me laugh.

Mickey Mouse Theology

Mickey Mouse Theology

A few weeks ago, we took our kids to Disney World to start our vacation. We had a blast even though we could only stay for one day. We rode the rides, saw the parades, and left with that magical feeling you get from such a special place.

It was funny, then, when this past Sunday as we were walking into church, my five year old was talking about Mickey Mouse. He said to his brother, “Yeah, Mickey is everywhere and he sees everything, but he's invisible.”

His older brother responded, “Um…I'm pretty sure that's God, not Mickey Mouse. Right, Dad?”

Looks like we've got some work to do with the little one.


How I Slept while in China

I just came back from a 10 day trip to China. It was a blast! I've shown some pictures over on my other blog, but I wanted to post here about a post I wrote for my wife's blog, Savingyoudinero.com.

She gave me some SleepPhones to use while on my trip, and they helped me sleep so well despite the noise outside. Too bad I can't use them at home because I would totally ignore my kids.

Anyway…check out the post on her blog. I'm recommending them to all my friends who travel internationally and need to sleep well on their trips.


Music is Good for your Soul

We found out that our local church is having music class for the summer, so we were having a casual conversation with our kids one afternoon about what instruments they might like to play someday.

We went down the list of instruments with them, “Guitar, Drums, Piano…”

With each instrument they didn’t seem that interested, until our five year old got really excited and said, “I know what instrument I would like to learn how to play…”

We excitedly asked him which one, and he responded,

“The Maracas.”

That Was Fast

We sent our kids outside to play so we could have some quiet while we finished cleaning up from dinner. A few minutes later, our (almost) 5 year old comes in with something in his hand.

He says, “We found a roly poly and named him frank.” He went into the living room to show his mommy and asked, “Can we keep him?” I didn’t hear what she said, but she sent him outside with Frank.

About 5 minutes later, he comes in with a sad face on. I asked him what happened, and he said, “We lost Frank.”

Poor guy (both Frank and my boy).


We are in the middle of potty training our daughter, and I saw this product this morning on Amazon.com. It really is an actual product that you can purchase.

I think my daughter would love this. She could watch her favorite new shows on mommy’s iPad.

Here is some of the description of the iPotty (from Amazon’s website):

  • Comfortable and child-friendly potty with activity stand for iPad (2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation)
  • Adjustable stand securely holds and helps protect iPad while kids play
  • Easy to clean with removable inner potty bowl, potty seat and splashguard
  • Clear touchscreen protector guards against smudges and messy hands
  • 360° Rotating stand easily switches between horizontal and vertical views

I think I might want one.

What do you think?

You’ll Find Your Way Video

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 11.03.47 PM

One of my favorite musicians is Andrew Peterson. His music just puts me in a happy, relaxed mood. I saw this video yesterday of one of his newest songs. It’s an incredible reminder of how I am trying to relate to my sons. I want them to follow the old roads.

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My Son the Jedi

We were in Orlando last week for somewhat of a vacation, and we found out about the Jedi Training Experience at Hollywood Studios at Disney. Our 4 year old was so excited to do this. He was going to get to wear a Jedi robe, use a light saber (like the 3 we have at home), and fight against Darth Vader.

So we signed him up and let him participate in the 20 minute show. Janell wrote about it on the i.seekissimmee blog here, and here’s the video:

As we were waiting for the training to start, they were doing a backstage trivia game on Star Wars. My four year old doesn’t know that much about Star Wars, but he was absolutely the cutest one in the room. He was sitting up next to the girl who was asking the questions paying extra special attention. All the other kids were sitting on the floor in front of her, and there were some pretty big Star Wars geeks in there.

As soon as the girl asked about Hans Solo’s friend, Benjamin jumped up with that “Oohh…I know this one” look in his eyes and shouted out, “Chewbaca!!” He was so excited to get one right, and I think he was even more excited to get to participate in this thing. He made me proud and definitely stole the show.

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