My Kids are Thankful

We live in a society that likes to blast through Thanksgiving to make it to Christmas. I love Christmastime just as much as everyone else. This year, though, I decided to help my kids try to think about Thanksgiving a little bit by making a video with them.

Here’s the video we made.

They didn’t go as deep as I’d like them to go about what they’re thankful for, but I know they understand that they are blessed and should be grateful. I’m looking forward to more making videos like these in the future.

What do you do to teach your kids to be thankful? Let me know in the comments.

PAC-MAN Friends Free for iOS for a Limited Time

If you're like me, you played PAC-MAN a lot while you were growing up. I remember our family tournaments on the old Atari.

In fact, it's one of the few games I keep on my iPad, and one of the few I find myself playing on trips. I was just playing it on an airplane last weekend.

Well, they have recently come out with a game called “PAC-MAN Friends” for iOS, and it's the featured app of the week. It features all new gameplay with the classic characters.

For a limited time it's free, so head over to the App Store and download it today!


Does Minecraft Help Kids Learn to Read?

My kids love Minecraft and just about any other videogame. I just read an article titled, “How Videogames Like Minecraft Actually Help Kids Learn to Read.

In it, the author says,

“The secret lies not inside the game itself but in the players’ activities outside of it. Minecraft is surrounded by a culture of literacy. The game comes with minimal instructions or tutorials, so new players immediately set about hunting for info on how it works. That means watching YouTube videos of experts at play, of course, but it also means poring over how-to texts at Minecraft wikis and “walk-through” sites, written by gamers for gamers.”