Workflow App Increases Productivity

One of my favorite podcasts is Mac Power Users. A while ago, they were talking about a new app that was coming out soon. That App was called Workflow. Well, it’s been out for a while now, and I’ve been loving playing with it to make myself more productive. The other day I was on an airplane for hours, and I used the time to play around and create a number of workflows.

Workflow is an Application for iOS that let’s you automate certain tasks or do them with the touch of a button. There are many, many things you can do with the application.

Trip It Keeps You Organized While Traveling

I just returned from a trip to Bucharest, Romania. It was an incredible trip. I had a lot of fun with my friends there, and my class (the reason I went) went very well.

I’m not very good at keeping myself organized when it comes to traveling. My travel documents usually get lost somewhere, and the confirmation emails get filed away in my email system, making it difficult to get to them when I need them.

I don’t usually memorize my itinerary when traveling. I just remember that I need to know the next step in the process of getting to my final destination. I don’t study my flight itinerary and usually don’t look at it until a few days before my actual flight.

I’ve started using TripIt on my iPhone to help me get more organized. You simply register for the service and then forward your confirmation email to and it will appear on your phone in the application.

And Now…The End is Near

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to ask me to set the clock on the VCR. It was my job anytime I would visit her house because she had no idea how to do it.

Then, when I got a little older, I’d have to show her over and over again how to record shows. I’d write down on a little yellow piece of paper all of the steps she would need to remember when she wanted to watch what she managed to record.

It is always a privilege (and responsibility) of the younger generation to help their elders with emerging technology. Well, it is happening in our family.

I consider myself pretty geeky. I know a lot about new technology, and I try to stay on top of the latest trends. My son, apparently, has followed in my footsteps.

The other day we had company over and their son wanted to watch a movie we have a digital copy of. I tried and tried to get it to work on the Apple TV, but because I had recently changed the password, it wasn’t working (or so I thought).

My nine year old grabbed the remote, and after three quick presses of the buttons, Wreck-it-Ralph was playing on our TV. The kids were happy, but I was stuck thinking, “It has already begun.”

Next thing I know I’ll be asking him how to set the time on an Apple Watch.

Crossy Road – My New Favorite Distraction

Sometimes you need a distraction, and my kids introduced me to a game that reminds me of my childhood days of trying to get Frogger across the road.

Crossy Road is a new app for iPhone or iPad that has one simple point…get your character across the road, river, and train tracks without getting hit.

Here’s a video of the gameplay:

It is super fun and addictive. While you’re crossing the road, you can pick up in-game coins along the way. These coins let you buy new characters when you collect 100. I usually let my kids do that part, because they seem to like it.

My current high score is 384. Try it out and see if you can top me!