Play With Your Photos and Videos With Living Planet

I love making fun, interesting photos on my iPhone or iPad, and a while ago I was intrigued by these “tiny planet” photos I was seeing on Instagram. They turn regular photos into little planet-like photos, which look really cool and are sure to get people talking about your photography. The first app I downloaded to do this was the Tiny Planet Photos App.

Here’s a “tiny planet” of Wenzhou, China, that I took last November.

This is what the original photo looked like.

Pretty cool, right?

Movie Night Treasure Hunt

This weekend we had family movie afternoon (our kids are too little for movie night), but the best part about it was something that my 9 year old son learned at a summer camp he went to this summer. It was a treasure hunt that started in the kitchen and ended at the microwave with the movie and popcorn.


My First Thoughts on Apple Watch

Like so many other people apparently, I skipped out of work in the middle of the day to watch the Apple event announcing the new iPhones and, of course, the Apple Watch (I keep wanting to type iWatch).

Spoiler alert: I’m more excited about the new iPhones than the Apple Watch, just not sure about that mammoth phablet of an iPhone 6 Plus.

My first thoughts about the watch are…

  • $350 bucks for the basic model of a watch? Are you crazy? I’m assuming that I will get used to the high price point before Apple will bring it down. I just can’t imagine strapping something that costs so much to my wrist.
  • Besides the fact that you have to pay so much for the watch, it only works if you have an iPhone. So now, we’ll be on the upgrade your watch one year (another bundle of money) and then upgrade your phone the other year. This means essentially, the watch costs $500 because you always have to have an iPhone around? That just seems crazy.
  • If your phone has to be around, why wouldn’t you just pull it out and use it like we’ve all been doing from the beginning of time? Well, maybe not that long. Still, if my phone is in my pocket and my watch is on my arm, I’ll probably just grab my phone to do the bazillion things I already do with it.

Some other things that have come up are the fact that it’s not waterproof, that the battery probably only lasts a day, and other things.

On the bright side, I like the health tracker parts to it. I’d love to replace my ugly Fitbit Flex with something sleek like an Apple watch, but I don’t think I can justify the money for it.

What about you? Can you see yourself wearing an Apple Watch?

I Really Do Work on My iPad!

We were sitting in our living room last night, and my 4 year old daughter was talking on the phone with her grandmother. Apparently, grandma asked her what we were doing when she said, “Mommy is working on her computer and Daddy is just on his iPad doing nothing.”

What? I’m just on my iPad doing nothing? I really do get work done on my iPad. I promise! It’s not all about playing Angry Birds or Word with Friends! I get it, little lady, that you spend your time on the iPad painting imaginary fingernails and other fun games, but some of us really use these tablet things for work!

(Photo by Sean MacEntee)